With the incomparable amount of innovative and unique tools and programs which are made available to every Atlas member joining our Atlas family, it is highly important to inform and train the new and existing Atlas members of running and new programs introduced by our logistic family.

The Atlas webinars are freely accessible for all of our network family members!

Personalised coaching

The Atlas webinars give the opportunity to follow these trainings depending on the program they feel interested in and for which there is a requirement for more detailed info. Thanks to the interaction during the Atlas webinars, our members can gain supstantial insight in the programs, tools and innovations which Atlas is continuously adding as a benefit to their members.

Save time and money

Reporting after your attendance at the annual Conference takes time writing your reports and meeting with your management team. Through our Atlas webinar solutions, our members can easily introduce the annual innovations to their respective staff responsible in their companies. As such this will deliver huge savings by avoiding extensive meetings, reporting and emailing with their commercial and operational staff.

Time zone oriented Webinars

Our Atlas webinars are organised in three time zones fitting the needs of the Atlas members. As a result each and every family member of Atlas can follow the webinars at a time convenient for them. Overmore those members travelling in other time zones can easily pick up the webinar for half an hour and follow the webinar from another continent.

Pro-active with your followers

Webinars enables our members to get in direct contact during the webinars to launch their questions and remarks whenever they feel they require some additional clarifications. Also after the webinar participants can pick up the subject and skype or call with detailed questions without our Atlas staff for support.

Outside de scope of webinars

Our webinar gives the opportunity for our members to consult the targetted info when the broadcast is over, since each webinar can also be watched afterwards. This enables you to increase both the reach and the impact of the Atlas webinars

Other advantages of webinars

  • There is no cost involved to follow any webinar
  • Webinars are online, so are easy and convenient to both presenters and participants, as no one has to travel to get to the meeting.
  • No type of special equipment is needed, thewebinar just broadcasts with oàr without webcam to the following participants. Webinars can be set up speedy and quickly.
  • Registration for a webinar is simple and easy for participants Simply click on the link you receive and you are automatically registered.
  • Before the start of any webinar you will receive a fully automated message as a reminder of the start of the webinar for which yu have registered.
  • The webinars are recorded so that other people afterwards can view in if they can’t attend the webinar.