In order to improve pro-active communications between Atlas family members, the Atlas Logistic Network has created a dedicated Atlas chat box thus enhancing mutual cooperation.

Our Atlas chat box is easy, fast, free and accurate.

The Atlas members are able to exchange messages through a secured Atlas chat box. The procedures are similar to our other innovative Atlas tools. Our Atlas programs are always developed  providing maximum internet security and privacy to our network family.

The Atlas chat box is enhancing pro-activity between members.

Members can interact about operational and commercial aspects of their daily business. The Atlas team is fully convinced this additional “chat box” facility is highly contributing to pro-active communications between our members.

Online chatting with other chat attendees will be a new and quick way to communicate for free.
Creating text messages happens easily in the window of our chat box. Those being familiar with the “messenger” communication platform will recognize the comparable way of utilization.

Atlas chat box is providing you maximum confidentiality

In order to guarantee our Atlas members chat box users maximum confidentiality and privacy. The content of the conversations are not stored in a database and can therefore no longer be queried after the session has ended.

The Atlas chat is available for any open discussions between multiple members from the Atlas Logistic Network. The chat box is provided as an alternative for short email sessions.

We operate our own Atlas chat server

Via our “members login” section Atlas has created a dedicated “chat box button”  putting our members directly in connection to the chatroom leading to our own Atlas chat server. Here our members can meet and immediately interact through direct messaging

The chat box is only made available for Atlas members. Our members have the choice to go into
‘group ‘or ‘ one on one ‘ sessions. Furthermore it’s possible to start one to one private communications during the group session.