Atlas Cargo Loyalty program – Cash-4-Cargo

Atlas drives new business into your company

As an Elite and Superior Network focussed on quality, our Atlas loyalty program is applicable to all our strategical partners in the network.

We assist our Atlas partners by motivating pro-active family members in applying straight forward benefits, added values and return on investments with immediate results boosting and driving new business opportunities in the Atlas family.

Claim back your full membership and more …

We are the first and only network which applies an “unlimited refund” of its Cargo Loyalty Program. Every shipment is rewarded with usd 20 per shipment irrespective whether sea freight, airfreight, trucking or warehousing is involved.

For every shipment every member within our Atlas logistics family will be entitled to claim usd 20 per shipment from the Atlas Logistic Network without any limitation and during the duration of their membership.

Atlas is a pioneer in adding unprecedented added values

Thanks to the Atlas Cash-4-Cargo program, additional profit share is offered to our members. The program highly contributes to stimulate, inspire and prioritize Atlas members to work closely together and explore mutual business developments and sharing cargo nominations.

We are one of the pioneers having a Cargo Loyalty Program activated for our network partners. It clearly proves once more the Atlas Logistic Network is simply much more than any other logistic network on this planet adding continuous return on investment programs to their multiple and unprecedented benefits.

Enjoy Atlas benefits thanks to your pro-active position

Our incomparable Cash-4-Cargo program is specially designed to financially reimburse and reward actively participating forwarders that create new business chances within our logistics family.

The Atlas Loyalty program is giving our logistics family a unique position amongst our colleague networkers in rewarding loyal companies within our cargo alliance to benefit from interactive membership business within our premium exclusive Atlas Logistic Network

Learn how the Atlas Logistic Network contributes to your profit

It is the ambition, objective and responsibility from the Atlas Logistic Network to drive advanced business opportunities into our Atlas associated companies assisted by our Atlas Loyalty Program.

Get in touch with the Atlas team to learn how your company can enjoy this unrivalled program, sharing profit received from our Atlas Logistic Network partners.

Atlas continues to apply first class peerless features since 1998

It has been the policy of the Atlas Logistic Network since day one in 1998 to offer simply more then just a yearly gathering and financially carefully selected forwarding professionals. We consider this an absolute minimum standards for every respected logistic network

Atlas takes its members far beyond this global coverage by offering extraordinary, complete and persisting tools and assets contributing to the development of new and existing business possibilities for all the companies joining our premium exclusive Atlas Logistics Family.

Our Atlas Loyalty Program Cash-4-Cargo is simply one of many assets offered.