Airfreight industry under pressure with Covid-19 vaccines gearing up

Middle Eastern airlines reported a 2.2 percent year-on-year decline in international cargo volumes in November, according to the latest data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), as the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continues to have an impact on the aviation sector.

“The lack of international connectivity is hampering air cargo recovery in the region, however seasonally adjusted demand remains on an upward trend,” the IATA said in relation to Middle Eastern carriers. The drop in regional volumes was not as bad as the global average, the association found.

“Air cargo demand is still down 6.6 percent compared with the previous year. However, we are seeing continuing month-on-month improvements. Severe capacity constraints persist as large parts of the passenger fleet remain grounded.

This will put pressure on the industry as it gears up to deliver vital Covid-19 vaccines.”

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