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What is Atlas International Network?

Founded in 1998, Atlas International Network Ltd. is a premium and exclusive global logistics network of local companies. We form an independent partnership of freight forwarders, OTI / NVOCCs and related service providers. As an international organization, we are active on 5 continents, by air and by sea.

Exclusive membership

We adhere to a distinct quality-oriented philosophy. That is why our global freight forwarders network consists of elite members experienced in forwarding, transportation and logistics. They are carefully selected based on strict membership criteria, so we can build a group of reliable local market logistic providers. This way, we know we will be able to meet today’s logistics challenges. Atlas members provide the flexibility and superior service only locally owned companies can offer.

What makes our freight forwarders network different, is its unique atmosphere. Members become friends and friends become family. The result is a dynamic and proactive alliance with a highly-valued family spirit.

Members also profit from a number of benefits, such as

5 reasons to choose Atlas

Friendly atmosphere

Atlas is a logistics network where great business partners eventually become great friends. Our Annual Global Conference, where fellow members can meet each other in a fun atmosphere, definitely plays an important role in this.

Return on investment

While so many logistics networks nowadays offer a free membership, this inevitably implies a loss of quality. While the Atlas Logistic Network comes with a price, our unique combination of added values ensures that you will receive value for your money.

Financial protection

Even though new members are submitted to thorough background checks before entering the network, things can always go wrong. That is why our credit risk insurance offers a financial protection of up to US$ 100.000 per member, per year.

Personal assistance

Unlike some of our competing networks, we do not stop trying to please you after receiving your membership fee. Our small team working at the Atlas HQ makes sure to treat every question or problem with the utmost care.

Like-minded members

As the saying goes, great minds think alike. Our application process is designed in such a way that we only attract reliable freight forwarders looking for high-quality and long lasting business relationships.

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