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Membership application

By becoming a member of the Atlas Logistic freight forwarders network you will enter into the family network atmosphere of exclusive partnerships where true family meets.

It will safeguard your financial transactions on a global scale by our insolvency cover amounting to usd 75.000 per annum and per member which is unique in our logistic network industry.

Moreover Atlas membership will favour you multiple programs like the use of the FMC registered “Atlas Line” bills of lading, the on-line cargo insurance, global 2nd hand buying, worldwide logistic  software solutions, filings of AMS, FMC and AFR …

There is no need for us to emphasis global branding, annual meetings, screening of new members, quality members as this is standard procedure for us since more than 15 years.

Good luck filling in your Atlas membership application and looking forward welcoming you into our logistic family.