Traxens will optimize APL end-to-end supply chain

Advocating a smarter supply chain, APL today unveiled TRAXENS by APL to offer near real-time data of the movement and condition of TRAXENS-monitored cargo it transports. This initiative is consistent with the CMA CGM Group’s customer centric strategy, leveraging innovative technologies to drive customer value.

The CMA CGM Group was the first company to invest in TRAXENS. Founded in 2012, this French start-up has been developing unique solutions for the cargo logistics arena and has created an innovative container monitoring and coordination system.

APL implementing better supply chain solutions

Characterised by its permanently affixed device on a container, TRAXENS by APL saves shippers the hassle of reverse logistics for pick up and coordinating with multiple players along the container journey. The solution collects and transmits data generated by other condition-monitoring devices in the container which shippers have end-to-end visibility.

“Shippers who go onboard TRAXENS by APL are in for an effective supply chain management. With insights from the technology, they will be able to identify low-performance areas and implement better calculated solutions for their supply chain. APL will continue to embrace technology in our offerings so as to offer more transparency, security and cost efficiency to our customers,” said Arnaud Coudray, APL Chief Commercial Officer.

Complete diagnostic empowering customers supply chain

Shippers can expect to receive information such as their defined shipment milestones, idle time and temperature monitoring throughout the container journey. They can also set up alerts to be immediately notified of exception events from possible jolts during container handling to unplanned doors openings. Beyond just data, TRAXENS by APL comes with a complete supply chain diagnostic offer that empowers them with the analytics they need.

Coudray added, “Given the numerous parties and intricacies involved in an end-to-end logistics supply chain, every supply chain manager depends on reliable intelligence to optimise their supply chain and mitigate risks. They can now rely on TRAXENS by APL for that.”