I came to ATLAS Conference in Bangkok as Virgin

On the last day, during cocktail reception Michael of Green Carrier was desperate because he had 2 hours deadline in Dubai to pull some exhibits from a Show, and the Exhibition was over and the pavilion was being shut down.
Their nominated Agent ( I would prefer not to name the competition ) refused to pick up the shipment, because Dubai market had closed for weekend.
Michaels beer was getting warm, and I appeared an hour late to cocktail due to broken Bone (a fractured foot)
But we made a couple of calls to my Office in Dubai.
Final status:  a happy Michael 🙂
Qualitair and Sea Dubai Means Business
Green Carrier knows that we will do what we promise
I came back to Dubai, NO MORE A Virgin

Thanks to Atlas,   The Ride was Great
Hope to have more such stories.

Kind regards 

Mr. R.R.Rajendra (RAJU)
Qualitair & Sea International Logistics – Dubai