Brussels Airlines has reported to change is pricing structures starting from October 25th by introducing a fixed net sum plus consolidated airfreight surcharge rate structures following the policy from their parent company Lufthansa, owing 45% of the Brussels Airlines shares.

Brussels Airlines stated “This new structure better meets the market demand for more transparency. Instead of charging various surcharges on freight prices, as is the case today, there will only be one consolidated airfreight surcharge in the future.   

The surcharge will include all external costs outside the airline’s control, such as fuel, airport taxes and security charges. Forwarders have given mixed reactions to the new rating structures pricing.
However with various different pricing structures applied throughout the airline industry, some of which also vary by region, shippers are also commenting that the administrative consequences to manage the different structures is increasing.

“Lufthansa Cargo and Swiss World Cargo already announced that they introduce a new pricing structure as from next IATA winter season. Brussels Airlines Cargo has decided to join this new model.”