Brussels airport benefit from freighter services while cargo volumes up with 19%

In September, for the fourth consecutive month, air freight at Brussels airport has seen an increase in volumes transported, 46,832 t, up 18.9% compared with the same month in 2019.

Express services (23,028 t) are maintaining their growth compared with last year (+33.8%), while the 88.8% increase in volumes in the full cargo sector (17,498 t) is accelerating the growth in air freight volumes. This compensates for the limited volumes on passenger flights (6,306 t, -51.2%).

The number of full cargo flights in September is well above the 2019 level, with a slight increase compared to the previous month.

The number of additional flights by passenger aircraft used for freight-only flights remains constant. “This does not, therefore, lead to an increase in night flights,” the airport pointed out. (ah)


photo:  Cineberg /