The cyber security systems of the French class society Bureau Veritas (BV) detected a cyber attack on 20 November, which led the company to the decision to temporarily take its servers and data offline.

Bureau Veritas said this action was taken to protect its clients and the company, while further investigations and corrective measures are in progress. “All the group’s cybersecurity procedures were immediately activated,” noted BV.

The decision to deactivate its servers and data generates partial unavailability or slowdown of BV’s services and client interfaces, according to a statement.

Bureau Veritas said that its teams, supported by leading third-party Information Technology (IT) experts, are currently deploying all efforts to ensure business continuity and minimise disruption to the company’s clients, employees and partners.

“Our incident response procedure has been triggered,” pointed out BV, which has also actioned the relevant authorities, who will provide them with additional support to resume normal operations in short term.

Earlier in November, Bureau Veritas and insurance consultancy major BESSÉ announced their partnership to help shipowners improve their cyber security and cyber insurance, in response to the increasing threat of cyber-attacks in the maritime sector.


Author Antonis Karamalegkos

Photo:  Alexander Schedrov /