The four Flemish ports, Antwerp, Zeebrugge, Genth and Oostend have handled together  70.05 million tons during Q1 of 2016.
This result has overruled last years Q1 again with nearly 2 milion tons as they only reached 68.22 tons during the same period in 2015 year-on-year.

Nevertheless this first quarter was not the best quarter ever in history. The all time record high is still standing for Q2 in 2008 when all ports
together performed a handling of 70.27 million tons. Although during Q2 in 2015 the ports reached out for a 70.03 million tons result.

Pro’s & Con’s

The results however show mixed feelings. The port of Antwerp handled 53.50 million tons, their best performance ever. Genth
reached 3.78 million ton, a slightly improved result compared with last year.

The record is again the sum of minuses and pluses. Antwerp loaded and unloaded 53.50 million tons, which is
best quarterly result ever for the Scheldt Port. It climbed last year in the second quarter for the first time above 53 million tonnes.

Zeebrugge stayed status quo with  9.48 million tons handled while Ostend only contributed with a poor 0.29 million tons.