Cologne-Bonn, Leipzig-Halle and Frankfurt-Hahn airports report cargo increase

While the downturn in air freight volumes on Germany’s airports stabilised at -10.5% in May, compared with -11.7% in March and -14.7% in April, the hubs specialising in aircraft with main deck capacity set a more positive note.

Cologne-Bonn airport has processed 9,700 cargo flights with a total tonnage of 240,000 t since the beginning of the crisis. In effect, the number of the flight movements per week was sometimes more than 15% above the previous year’s level. In May, air freight and air mail volumes increased by 1.1% to 69,481 t.

Freight volumes at Leipzig/Halle, Europe’s fifth-largest cargo hub, rose by 5.4% to 114,502 t in May, while freight charter volumes surged by 65.6%.

Finally, Frankfurt-Hahn airport handled 17,862 t of freight in May, 44.5% more than in May 2019.