Steve Gunning, present CEO of IAG Cargo, will become the new chief financial officer at British Airways in 2016 as part of reshuffling the carrier’s top management.

IAG CEO, Willie Walsh stated Steve Gunning had been highly effective in setting up IAG’s first ever singly business unit at IAG Cargo. The business is industry-leading with a ground breaking operating model and cost focus.”

The airline group, comprising BA, Iberia, Vueling and Aer Lingus, also announced that Vueling chairman and CEO Alex Cruz is to replace Keith Williams as chairman and chief executive of British Airways in April when Mr. Williams retires after 18 years.

Willie Walsh commented that “Under Alex Cruz’s leadership, Vueling had become a dynamic, innovative and cost-effective airline and Alex will bring new experience and insight to British Airways.

Alex Cruz said he was looking forward to working next year at one of the world’s largest and most iconic airlines. He continued saying “The challenge at British Airways is to continue providing excellent customer service while ensuring that we meet the financial targets that IAG sets for us.”

Announcements about the new chairman and CEO of Vueling and new CEO of IAG Cargo will be made in due course.