IATA, the International Air Transport Association’s target to achieve a 45% adoption of the electronic airway bills (e-AWBs) will not to be realized in 2015, although there has been a small increase in usage every month.

The best rate of adoption was posed by Hong Kong and the Hong Kong International Airport, with an outstanding result of 62%. Cathay Pacific was the top carrier by e-AWB volume at 65.9%, but Flydubai was the top performer with a nearly perfect score of 99.9%

Overall, e-AWB usage by August was at 31.7%, an increase of 2.7% points compared to the previous month. FedEx Corp.’s ‘Same Day’ delivery had the highest e-AWB penetration at 82% during August, but their rivals of DHL Global Forwarding carried the most volume using e-AWBs with a performance of 40.8%.