Two climate activists in Australia climbed up giant port machinery at the Australian port of Newcastle yesterday, halting exports from the word’s busiest coal port.

The pair, taking part in protests organised by climate group Blockade Australia, strapped themselves to loading machinery high up in the port

“Zianna and Hannah have shut down Newcastle coal port, abseiling from coal handling machinery. The port cannot resume operations until the pair are removed by police,” the group said, identifying the activists by their first names only, adding “This is the tenth consecutive day of disruption to Newcastle coal port and its supply rail network.”

Police were called in to remove the activists. Meanwhile, two other Blockade Australia protesters carried out similar actions at the ports, managing to switch equipment off and also strap themselves to port equipment.

Protests have disrupted the port and surrounding rail infrastructure in the past two weeks, prompting police to establish a strike force to crack down on the high-profile stunts.

“Pull your heads in, get out of the way and stop hurting other people going about their lives, running their businesses,” New South Wales’ environment minister Matt Kean said during a radio interview on Wednesday.

” Newcastle coal port, shut down again. 🙂 #BlockadeAustralia #DirectAction #ClimateCrisis

— Blockade Australia (@BlockadeAus) November 16, 2021 “


Author Sam Chambers

Photo:  Harley Kingston /