Lufthansa removes 100 aircraft and will cut upto 1.000 global jobs.

The Lufthansa Group has revealed its second stage of restructuring in an effort to deal with the impact of COVID-19. Among the most significant decisions made is to reduce the Group’s fleet by 100 aircraft and stop the operations of Germanwings.

The Lufthansa Group has confirmed that it has a surplus of at least 22,000 staff, which includes leadership and administration positions as well.

Germanwings disappears with Lufthansa’s “ReNew” reorganisation plans.

The reduction in staff is not the only measure to save costs and reduce salary expenses. Additionally, a major review has been initiated within the Group’s fleet.

“The financial planning up to 2023 provides for the acceptance of a maximum of 80 new aircraft into the Lufthansa Group carriers’ fleets. This will reduce the investment volume for new aircraft by half,” the Lufthansa Group said.

The restructuring programme called “ReNew” is scheduled to run until December 2023.