Three out of four mega alliances are reducing their capacity with the exception of the 2M,
the only one not having announced a further restructuration of their loops in the Far East trade lanes. In their AE9/Condor services it looks like  they are even increasing their  capacity by operating larger ships then before.

The Ocean Three alliance has systematically cancelled weekly departures between the Far East and Northern Europe during the months of July till September.  As such they are limiting their capacity during  Chinese export peak season with 12.000 slots per week.

China Shipping, CMA CGM and UASC pioneered with this rationalization hoping the other mega alliances would follow their strategy. The G6 confirmed they would be reducing their slots with the cancellation of 4 departures during  August.

De CYKHE Alliance has not yet officially reacted but has cancelled various departures over the last couple of months. During August they have scheduled  two “blank sailings” in their CES/NE8 service. Also the NE2 departure scheduled for August 7th ex Hong Kong and de NE7 departure scheduled for August 27th ex Ningbo have no nominated vessels for the time being. This could result in a further reduction of 8.500 weekly slots for this alliance.

Although the 2M vessel sharing agreement between Maersk Line and MSC announced a rationalization of their schedules during June, whereas vessels of 9.600 teu would be replaced by smaller one’s of only 6.500 teu, no signs have been seen so far of this capacity reduction.
None of the partners has done any effort to execute this planning.

Till September no schedules changes have been announced for the AE9/Condor Service and even larger ships will be operated  by taking into service the  the MSC Luciana (11.600 teu), MSC Aurora (13.050 teu) and the MSC Vega (13.102 teu)

Also other loops from the 2M alliance have seen a capacity increase. The AE2/Swan service will welcome both the MSC Zoë (19.224 teu) and the Mathilde Maersk (18.340 teu) on their maiden trips.
Also the 4th new built MSC Maya having a 19.224 teu capacity will call Antwerp in the near future.
The vessel will start it’s maiden trip in Busan on August 27th.