Port of Antwerp boosting megamax vessel’s accommodation

The Port of Antwerp is going to demolish its current quay wall and replace it with a new one in an expansion project, which will be carried out in three phases.

This expansion will be carried out by PSA Antwerp and they will be responsible for not only the renovation of the layout of the adjacent front quay but also the flooring and installation of container cranes.

The project will boost the terminal’s vessel maximum draught from 13.5m to approximately 16m at the inlet.

Post-completion, it is expected that the Europa Terminal will be able to accommodate two megamax ships at the same time. This project is among the latest growth initiatives being taken at the Port of Antwerp following the recent depth record that the port achieved in the month of February and the mega announcement of the merger of Port of Antwerp with Port of Bruges.

While the works are underway, the port authorities have confirmed that a large part of the terminal will remain in operation at all times. The other areas of capacity will be diverted to PSA’s Noordzee Terminal.

The project is expected to begin by the end of 2021.


Photo: Frolova_Elena / Shutterstock.com