Schiphol’s full freighters cannot compensate for the bellyhold volume loss.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s total cargo volume for the first half of 2020 declined by 14.5 per cent to 655,942 tonnes compared to 2019, as an increase in full freighter cargo did not make up for the decline in belly traffic.

Full freighter flights were up 48.1 per cent to 10,274 Air Transport Movements (ATMs) from January to June, but the number of belly cargo flights dropped by 51.6 per cent to 105,665 ATMs compared to the first half of the year in 2019.

In the first half of 2020, full freighter volume increased by 12.4 per cent to 463,679 tonnes, while belly cargo volumes dropped 45.9 per cent to 192,264 tonnes.

Inbound cargo volumes were down 11.5 per cent to 341,130 tonnes and outbound cargo volumes were down 17.6 per cent to 314,812 tonnes.