We send our best Regards from México

Those last weeks the AMS regulation for import shipments, both air and ocean had been changed.
According to the rule 2.4.6 of the “reglas generales en material de comercio exterior de México” (General rules in international trade affairs of Mexico); it is mandatory by the government to inform following details of our worldwide partners

Name of the Company:
Telephone Number:
Contact Name:
E – mail:
Tax ID:

We need to transmit in timely manner; as per following information:
Air Shipments:
If the shipment comes from North America, Central America and the Caribbean (up to the Ecuador line) the AMS must be made at the last airport prior to arrive to MEX.
From the rest of the world it must be made before cargo departure.
Ocean Shipments
The transmission must be made 24 hrs before vessel departure
It is very important to transmit in timely manner since following penalties will apply:

  1. Infraction Article 184-A fraction III, according to the Article. 184-B II the amount of the penalties are for MXN 1,420.00 a MXN 2,030.00 (109.00 USD – 156.00 USD).
  2. Infraction Article 184 fraction IX according to the article 185 fraction VIII the amount of the penalties are for MXN 65,900.00 a MXN 98,860.00 (USD 5,069.00 – USD 7,600.00)

When our partners decided to consignee a shipment to us or they accept to handle a routing order, they must know the legal effect and the penalties that an AMS transmitted out of time can cause. And in consequence our partners must be our solidary responsible to accomplish with this new rules.
SE Global has a very strong and reliable IT infrastructure in order to make transmission in timely manner. We just ask your support by sending complete information in timely manner for every single shipment.

NOTE: If some shipment is sent without any prior notice or information to SE Global the total responsibility of penalties will be of the agent who send shipment without previous announcement.

Sincerely yours
SE Global Logistics MEXICO.