Swissterminal AG has begun to operate its terminal sites in Switzerland with 100% renewable electricity in a framework to achieve net-zero emissions from its entire operations.

In particular, the logistics company has signed a contract with the independent Swiss electricity broker Renergy GmbH to supply its terminal locations in Switzerland with energy 100% generated from hydropower until at least 2024.

Hydropower has a CO2 factor of 0 Kg/GJ, and as a result, this green energy agreement helps Swissterminal to eliminate indirect greenhouse gas emissions from electricity purchases, according to a statement.

“By purchasing green electricity, we are underpinning our comprehensive sustainability strategy and preparing ourselves for the rise in energy prices and CO2 costs,” said Swissterminal CEO, Roman Mayer.

Over the last few years, Swissterminal has progressed its sustainability strategy by developing solutions to alleviate carbon emissions, such as low-emission rail services.

“As part of the logistics industry, which has historically made large contributions to greenhouse emissions, it is very important for Swissterminal to demonstrate its commitment to shifting towards a greener future,” noted Mayer.


By Vivi Dara