For our next Atlas member interview, we talked to Ben Langshaw from Australia. He discussed starting in logistics by chance, the daily variety in his job and the importance of finding a solution to all problems.

How did you get started in the logistics industry and what has your journey been like so far?

I got started out by sending out 200 letters to random companies in varying industries, trying to get a job as a young adult. The one company that replied is the company I own today. It’s obviously been a positive journey, but with many challenges along the way.

If there is one thing that you could change to the logistics industry, what would it be and why?

Paper. There is just no need for the volume of paperwork, documents or forms needed in today’s world. Governments need to work together to streamline processes and trust around data sharing to remove the need for paperwork and better share data and critical information.

What do you like most about the industry and your job in particular?

The variety… Are we moving a car, a container of retail goods or charting a plane or a ship today? You never truly know what your day will be like when you turn up to work and I love that about the industry. Boredom is never an option in Logistics.

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?

Personalized service, relationships, and a willingness to always find a solution.  I always tell myself “to leave no stone unturned when looking for a solution”.  I truly believe there is a solution to all problems, you just need to find it.

What do you like the most about being a member of our logistics network?

The opportunity to learn and grow both as a business and myself professionally.  Working with owners, learning their pain points, hearing about their success and how they achieved it, or helping and aiding them with knowledge. It can be a lonely industry at times with many frustrations, so this support and communication is vital to our global industry.

How do you relax in your free time?

Work! So, I can retire earlier, all going to plan. That is when I will relax!

Thank you, Ben!