For the newest edition of our Atlas member interview, we had a short chat with Rune Jahr from Oslo, Norway. We talked about his variety of work experiences in logistics and the challenges that freight forwarders face in this rapidly changing industry. Happy reading!

How did you get started in the logistics industry and what has your journey been like so far?

I started working for Schenker back in 1989. I was introduced to the airfreight business by my father, who was branch manager at the Fornebu department back then.

I started with air-import registration before I was asked to be more involved with air-export. Before we moved to the new airport Gardermoen (OSL), I was offered the air export manager job.

Since then, I have done almost everything you can do in this business. I.e. charters, relief, GEN, HAZ, PES etc. I have also been outside of Schenker. I worked for Kales, DSV, Cargopartner and Geodis Wilson. But went back to Schenker after a while.

If you could change one thing about the logistics industry, what would it be?

Rates must be more stable, cancellation fee for PES airfreight must be set by IATA and not each airline. Too many variations.

What do you like about being a freight forwarder?

Variety of work. Good colleagues and network. But it’s hard to keep up with all the changes in this industry being a small independent forwarder.

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?

Good service, 24/7-365 follow up. Better pricing. Good work tools. Experienced!

What do you like most about being a member of our logistics network?

Fast replies from our fellow networkers, good price set up.

How do you relax in your free time?

Alpine skiing, outdoors, training, family and friends are keywords.

Thank you, Rune!