For our next Atlas member interview, we sat down with Wilbert Amante from Manila, Philippines. Among other things, we talked about his career so far and the many opportunities for self-development working in Logistics has given him.

How did you get started in the logistics industry and what has your journey been like so far?

I have been in the logistics industry since 2005 as a logistic staff. Being new in the industry, I gradually gained the necessary skills by being independent, hardworking , learning to be patient, applying time management, workflow optimization along with communication, interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

If there is one thing that you could change to the logistics industry, what would it be and why?

Rapid and fluctuating fuel/bunker prices. Carriers/forwarder are compelled to raise freight rates or absorb losses. The cost of fuel does not only affect the logistics companies, but also the importer, exporter and mainly the ultimate consumer.

What do you like most about the industry and your job in particular?

What I like most about the industry is the variety of work. I love that every day presents me with different challenges. This has meant that I’ve had an opportunity to gain a better appreciation of the industry and further develop my problem-solving and organizational skills. While it can be stressful solving a critical issue, I have taken to myself to be resourceful and develop excellent analytical skills.

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?

To be competitive and to impress our professional expertise upon the customer at every opportunity. This includes the quality of our service, as well as our team’s target to exceed customer expectations and assist our valued clients by providing them with value for their money. Moreover, we have a parent company, Southern Star Agencia Maritima, Inc., which is the exclusive shipping agent of Namsung Shipping Co., Inc. in the Philippines and can offer our customers a leverage in case they would need extended requirements like availability of container and vessel space, competitive rates, detention/demurrage free time at both POL and POD, etc.

What do you like the most about being a member of our logistics network?

Being an Atlas Network member definitely helps us to secure more business opportunities with a healthy exchange of sales leads, free hand shipments between us and various overseas agents globally. It also elevates us to a higher level as far as competing with the other local logistics companies is concerned.

How do you relax in your free time?

Bonding with my family and friends. Playing or watching basketball.

Thank you, Wilbert!