Turkish airlines have reported growing cargo figures going up 8.1% year-on-year, bringing their total carried volumes to 704.570 tons in 2015 as a result of adding several new freight routes.

Cargo volumes on the flights to and from Africa performed the largest increase with jumping volumes to 61.2% up to 97.000 tons. Same was a result of adding freighter flights to Kinshasa and Dakar.

Despite a small dipp with 1.7%, the tradelanes to Europe remained the largest market carrying 212.000 tons. Also volumes to the Far East declined, sliding by 0.2% to 198,557 tons, while cargo demand on the North America routes went up by 17.6% to 59,296 tons. This was mainly influenced by added freighter flights to New York, Atlanta and Chicago.

Demand on Middle East routes increased by 12.2% to 75,455 tons, to South America there was a big jump with 19.7% to 9,656 tons and on domestic services there was growth of 2.1% to 52,082 tons.