Airline increases global market share by 4.1 %

Turkish Cargo has seen impressive growth in 2019, according to international air cargo information provider WACD’s December data. The airline achieved a tonnage increase of 7.1 %, despite the global air cargo market shrinking by 4.4 %. Impressively, Turkish Cargo has the largest growth rate among the top 10 airlines and has risen to seventh place in the international air cargo industry, meaning the airline’s global market share has increased by 4.1 %.

This growth was seen globally with a 17.1 % increase in North and South America, 14.1 % in the Far East Region, 9.7% in South Western Europe, 4.7% in the Middle East and South Asia and 7.1 % in Africa. Turkish Airlines hopes 2020 will continue to be successful for their cargo sector.