ZIM introduces new corporate vision

ZIM management has announced its new 2023 business strategy, accompanied by a new corporate Vision – INNOVATIVE SHIPPING DEDICATED TO YOU.

The new Vision & Values were introduced to ZIM staff around the world in a captivating and colorful campaign, greeted with enthusiasm and cheer.

ZIM CEO Eli Glickman addressed ZIM employees, saying much thought and attention as well as significant Board support were dedicated to defining updated, fresh and powerful Vision and Values for ZIM; they highlight the principles and beliefs that define ZIM, and set clear goals for the future.

A new drive across all aspects of operations

The announcement of the new ambitious corporate vision & values, representing ZIM’s new drive across all aspects of operations, was celebrated in ZIM branches around the globe. Employees and managers across the organization participated in the preparations of the campaign, which was also presented to customers and partners. The vision and values will be implemented through country conferences and training sessions in ZIM branches.

ZIM CEO Eli Glickman: “I see our Vision and Values as a compass that guide us toward success and profitability. Moreover, ZIM management is determined to turn the vision and values into practical, real-world practices, which will carry ZIM forward. I wish to extend our appreciation to our Board who greatly supported our management throughout this important process.”