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Atlas International Logistics Network member testimonials


We get the most out of our meetings

Atlas really goes out of their way to ensure that we get the most out of our meetings. There is a good framework offered by its recognition that a mixture of meetings and activities allow for the ultimate networking experience amongst the participants. It offers a lot of products and protection allowing the peace of mind and confidence in our partners to focus on business opportunities. It is on us to use these occasions to meet and introduce our company face to face to the newest members and to update and build on existing relationships with the others and see how we can continue to work together.

Maria Misurka - Canada


Business networking is of key importance

Business networking is of key importance for success in today’s dynamic and competitive trade environment. As an independent logistics network, ATLAS International Network plays a very important role for bringing together selected freight logistics companies from all around the world to work together in confidence and to build strong partnerships. Over the years ATLAS International Network and its members gained strong international recognition from shippers and physical carriers on the basis of their collective strengths and diligent achievements. I sincerely appreciate and thank ATLAS Management and the network members for their dedication, integrity, hard work and willingness to go above and beyond the industry standards.

Turgut Erkeskin – Turkey


Do hope the time staying in Bangkok Oct. 26th-29th was forever!

Do hope the time staying in Bangkok Oct. 26th-29th was forever! Thanks to Atlas Logistic Network who gave us a chance to have a face to face dialog with attedning members. It was my first year of joining this great family. I really enjoyed the Bangkok Annual Conference of 2015. My staying in Bangkok Oct. 26th-29th will be remembered forever as every Atlas Logistics Network partner is so kind and friendly. This unique opportunity makes our business developed significally upon arrival back in the office. Atlas Logistic Network, this excellent organization brought me so much. I received an Atlas T-shirt gif, I experienced beautifull places, tasted delicious food, developed new business, friendship and hapiness. My heart is fully filled with excited joy… I love this family, love everyone here…

George Wu - China


Everything seemed to fit just right for me and my business

As the owner manager of a UK based Freight Forwarding Company I had never take the opportunity to join any other Global Network as I did not see the benefit to my company. However this was to change, From their initial introduction and explanation of how the Atlas Network operated, to the simple membership application, the offerings, the programs, the fees… Everything seemed to fit just right for me and my business. So I joined without further hesitation and have never had any regrets doing so. Thanks to Atlas, I did not make make overseas partners but friends for life!

Chadd Blunt – United Kingdom


Nothing beats meeting business partners in person.

Freight forwarding is a people to people business. Behind company names are genuine people. SCAC Logistics of Toronto Canada recognize that a network like ATLAS is the best way to connect with owners and executives through our conferences, nothing beats meeting business partners in person. One other advantage being an active Atlas member is the fact that it offers financial protection and guarantees the quality of each and every member. This allows us within the network to operate in confidence and with complete faith that all partners are equally reliable.

Laurent Montignon - Canada


2014 – The Year of Success for our Customers.

CPR Freight, South Africa has made many longstanding relationships with fellow Atlas members, which has assisted us in securing good long-term business by providing our customers as well as our Atlas agents Customers with a professional Supply Chain Management service. In our market we have to be represented worldwide by reliable agents, and Atlas has made sure that we can do that by having an excellent Network.

Rob Nethercott - South Africa


Serious. Reliable. Professional. Capable. Competitive.

We were looking for a solid agents’ network to provide us all in one. Atlas not only has gifted us with all we needed but it also came with a family environment. I am honoured to see the improvement of this network and its services and tools throughout the years.

Felipe Abduch Cabral – Brasil


We have developed lasting friendships around the world

We feel privileged to be a part of this family, and over the years that is exactly how other Atlas Network members have made us feel. We do not simply have access to new agents that can coordinate our shipments; we feel that we have developed lasting friendships around the world. During these past few years, we have seen firsthand Atlas Network’s concern with improving itself and with seeking new and better options that its members can then present to their clients. VMLog is proud to be a member of this network and to participate in helping it grow.

Carlos Knaesel – Brasil

Pawan Kakkar – India

Small is Beautiful and Old is Gold but Atlas International Network is a mixture both

Small is Beautiful and Old is Gold but Atlas International Network is a mixture both. We met some quality partners way back in 2000 and we can continue to meet them even now. Working like a family, even though different in size and structure, Atlas is able to take on the fiercest of the competition from the big boys. With a steady growth in its geographical reach and a financially stable bunch of companies in its fold, Atlas is indeed a quality reference in Logistics. Loved being here all the while.

Pawan Kakkar - India

Chester Jenkins – USA

We are accomplishing so much more than we could ever do alone

The BKK Conference was very exciting.  It was great meeting and interacting with our fellow partners.  Together with our partners, we are accomplishing so much more than we could ever do alone.  I am excited about the win-win opportunities that have arisen.  Through our partnerships we are in a much better position to service the needs of all of our clients and enjoy mutual profits.

Chester Jenkins - USA

Peter Bader – Switserland

Mutual trust and friendship is the key to success in our business

The Atlas Network, with the carefully sourced partners, has given us great opportunity to reach the whole world to ship our consignments. As an example we are currently shipping a Bell helicopter to Los Angeles where we entrust the final delivery to Extra Logistics, the longstanding Atlas partner in LA.
Over the years mutual trust and friendship have developed between the Atlas partners which in our business is the key to success.
The Muller-Gysin team looks forward to serving the Atlas Network from and to the Swiss Gateways Basel, Geneva and Zurich in 2015. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Atlas for their dedication to the Network.

Peter Bader – Switserland