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Atlas is a “non-profit” logistic facilitator

Unlike 90% of the existing networks in our industry, Atlas is not driven by a one person founder who’s main ambition is to make money for …

We see things differently with Atlas … Atlas is created as a non-profit service facilitator who’s only ambition is our members concerns and requirements in an ever changing logistic world.

Since its early years “all” profits made by Atlas have been reinvested in the development of tools and programs with the only ambition to serve our members.

That’s the main reason we can offer you much more values during our annual Atlas Conferences since this is not our yearly money maker. We are also the only one to offer an insolvency cover through an insurance policy and not a bond.

In today’s network industry, where there is a network popping up at every street corner, only quality and reliability in combination with an inter- and proactive business environment will prove to be the only motive for a long term network membership … that’s the Atlas philosophy … go for quality not quantity.

As you can see we are not afraid from the competition since our values and especially our tools and programs are unique.

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