Regional exclusivity at the Atlas Logistic Network

Become our exclusive network partner for your area

One of the cornerstones of the Atlas Logistic Network is our regional exclusivity. All agents of the network, may select to be a sea or air member and are granted regional exclusivity protection for their air- or sea port. Exclusivity is granted per region or state (not per country). This means that in your region, you will not have to compete with fellow Atlas members. Consequently, you will easily find the best partner in a certain area other than your own.

We always provide a minimum of two member slots per country, regardless of its size


The maximum for regional exclusivity protection within the network will never exceed 3 members, of which at least one agent has to be a sea member and one has to be an air member.


  • Cities, regions or countries up to 1 million inhabitants can have only 1 member.
  • Cities that have over 10 million inhabitants can have a maximum total of 3 members.

Ability to cover the market

Each member must have sufficient commercial strength to cover the region appointed to them, otherwise an additional member could be appointed.

Code of ethics

Whenever a member has complaints about untimely payment or untimely replies from another member, an additional member might be nominated for the region in question.

Annual meetings

Whenever a member fails to attend 2 consecutive annual Atlas Conferences, an additional member might be nominated for this member’s region.

Membership combinations

If an agent is both a sea and an air member in the same city, region or country an additional member might be nominated for this member’s region.