ISF Filing

The United States Federal Maritime Commission requires that for any cargo transported by an NVOCC into or out of the US via water, the concerned NVOCC must file its open rates available to anyone as a public record in the form of a tariff.

The Atlas network operating as an NVOCC under their flagship “Atlas Line” is offering its membership the opportunity to file their own tariffs without interference of the carriers and at a substantial lower costing … is that what we are all looking for in today’s business industry ??

We assist to simplify the process and contract publishing process for our Alas members. Ever heard that other networks are offering this facility … maybe yes … but for sure not many and have you ever compared their costing with ours … for sure not … so time to do it now …

But again there is more … the tariff filing through the facilities offered by Atlas is a true money saver … rather than using the carrier for your filings and disclose your info you can save money by using our easy-to-use filing system … on top it is safeguarding your data when you feel it is necessary and the carriers will not be informed about your sensitive commercial data info.

Since many years we have been offering AMS solutions to our membership. We are offering two possible options depending on your requirements. The 1st option is a cloud solution where you get access through an easy-to-use website, the other option is to choose for an outsource filing through our sub-contractors Trade Tech.

The solutions offered by Atlas are in full compliance with the United States Customs and Border Protection Ocean AMS regulations and the security filing system is authorized and approved as an Ocean AMS Service Center.