Atlas Line house bills of lading

Already in 1999 the Atlas Logistic Network created their dedicated NVOCC called “Atlas Line”.

This added value is considered one of the corner stones of the Atlas Logistic Network since there are only a limited number of forwarding networks who have the facility of their own house bills of lading.


The reasons are simple and easy. Most of our competitor networks do not have the basic ability, the professional competence and the financial resources to start up this important feature for their members.

AMS filings

Automated Manifest System shortly called AMS, is the U.S. Customs and Border Protection system for receiving advance manifest data. For vessel transportation, cargo declaration data must be available for U.S. Customs 24 hours before loading.

As a consequence NVOCCs must submit a cargo declaration to CBP 24 hours before cargo is loaded onto vessels calling the United States. The Atlas Logistics Network is offering facilities to assist you with AMS filings.

CSBA filings

eManifest is modernizing and improving cross-border commercial processes. When fully implemented, eManifest will require all carriers, freight forwarders and importers to send advance commercial information about their shipments electronically to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

The collection and risk assessment of pre-arrival data will improve the CBSA’s ability to detect high-risk shipments before they arrive at the border. At the same time, low-risk, legitimate trade will be able to cross the border more efficiently.

eManifest makes Canada’s border processes more secure and compatible with North American and international standards, which is important for the business community and for Canada as a whole.

ISF filings
On January 26, 2009 the new rule “Importer Security Filing” and additional carrier requirement became effective for all shipments entering through American based ports. Though the services of the Atlas Logistic Network you can assist your ISF filings through our IT systems.

FMC filings
The Atlas Logistic Network is offering their members the facility to file their individual tariffs without the master carriers at a lower costing. We assist by simplifying the process and contract publishing of our Atlas members.