Payment Security by Atlas freight forwarders network

Tailor-made insolvency insurance

Coverage of US$ 500.000/annum and US$ 100.000 per member/annum.

In these times of global economic instability, one of your main concerns as a freight forwarder probably is not getting paid by your overseas partners. But there is safety in numbers. Become a part of the Atlas international freight forwarders network. Not only do we offer benefits such as regional exclusivity, you also get a tailor-made insolvency insurance.

Atlas offers you a tailor-made insurance cover in case of insolvency, suspected insolvency or protracted default of one of its members. We pay up to US$ 100.000 per member and reserve an annual aggregate of US$ 500.000.

A healthy freight forwarders network you can rely on

In 2013, a colleague freight forwarders network released a statement that said they had paid out US$ 1 million over a period of 2 years and they seemed proud of that figure. At Atlas however, we consider this a sign of poor network quality, which would be unacceptable in our family. We want our members to feel safe while doing business with their fellow network members.

How come? We managed that feat by carefully selecting our members, so we can guarantee reliability, credibility and quality. The Atlas family is the standard for a quality freight forwarders network. Our members feel at home with each other and are supported by a variety of tools and programs that help and improve their daily business.