Application form

Member requirements

There are no restrictions in becoming a member of Atlas Line International Network,except the fact that the applicant’s company needs to be in our business for at least 24 months before sending in his application.

All members need to submit a full application as posted on our website irrespective whether they have been introduced by a fellow member or not. The Managing Director will decide together with the Marketing Director whether the applicant will be accepted or not. In case of doubt, they will consult the President and Vice President of the Board of Directors in order to make a decision. In case of equal voting, the President’s vote will decide.

Companies can only apply for maximum 3 locations in one country, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Board of Directors.

Sea Member – Air Member

Members can choose either to become member for ocean or air. Those members who select to become member for both modes of transport in one location accept to open their location for a second member, either for air, either for ocean at the same location whenever the membership requires same.

Convinced? Apply for membership here.