Return on Investment

What’s the Atlas philosophy

Since our foundation in 1998 it has always been the focus of the Atlas Logistic Network to offer additional values beyond the traditional networking of bringing companies and people together once a year and organize global conferences.

As such we have pioneered throughout the years creating multiple opportunities to our members to assist in their daily operations without any extra investments and we continue to do so.

The Atlas Service Contracts

Our service contract with one of the global NVOCC leaders on this planet is benefitting our members through an incentive schedule where they can cash back one (1) us dollar for every cbm or ton booked through our priviledged partnership.

Our unique exclusive global partnership is offering our Atlas members worldwide LCL facilities supported by 300+ offices in 160+ countries

The Atlas NVOCC

Already created in 1998, our NVOCC Atlas Line, is one of the very first NVOCC related to forwarding networks in the history of logistics.

Today our NVOCC has following accreditations  :

* Licensed as foreign NVOCC by the American FMC, Federal Maritime Commission
* Certified by the Chinese Ministry of Transport
* Approved by the US customs bond authorities as NVOCC
* Authorized by the Japanese customs authorities for AFR
* Registered with the Canadian Border Services Agencies
* Accepted for shipments to/from Brazil and Mexico

The Atlas sales opportunities

Thanks to our exclusive cooperation with Global ShippingNet our members can enjoy to have access to global shipping and airfreight enquiries throughout the world via this logistic portal supporting the needs of worldwide customers.

Atlas is the only network to have this partnership with GlobalShippingNet.

The Atlas IT-solutions

Logistic software for a global industry. This is were our partnership is standing for with WiseTech Global a well know global provider of logistic software solutions built upon a single guiding principle: increasing our members productivity. Today WTG is supporting more than 6.000 customer in over 115 countries.