Global Container Repositioning

Optimize Container repositioning.

Processes in container logistics today are an inefficient leftover from the high-growth era of the past—when topline was everything, while operations mostly relied on manual processes and excel sheets.

Consequently, companies today spend billions of dollars annually on repositioning empty containers, logistics departments worry about limited visibility, non-predictability and error-prone processes and staff members spend countless hours fixing problems and troubleshooting.

For freight forwarders, this can offer opportunities for one-way usage of surplus boxes as shipper-owned containers (SOCs).

Container Trading Platform
Container Leasing Platform

Online Platform

Collaboration and digitization are brought to you: Our online platform for one-way container moves makes it simple and efficient to use or supply 3rd party container equipment on one-way basis. And because we are a neutral platform—not a broker—we enjoy the trust of all participants, and put you in direct contact with the relevant users and suppliers.

Achieve global transparency on your entire network, find out where your peers have surplus/deficits and from where to where you can use containers on one-way basis.

Reduction of manual workload:
Leverage our intuitive online workflow and process support to lower manual workload and free up capacity to solve strategic questions.

Reduce freight costs:
Find containers for trade lanes where carrier-owned containers are too expensive to be viable (e.g. into Africa, India, ex China, etc).

Reduce freight costs:

With SOCs, you don’t have to worry about container demurrage anymore. When using carrier-owned containers, you regularly face charges of 15-25 USD per day or even up to 150 USD per day if units are stored on terminal. With SOCs, you have full control as you have more free days and only 1-2 USD per day rental charges after free days expire.

Streamlined (internal) communication:
Improve alignment across responsibilities, continents and time zones within your organization by keeping all communication and information within one closed system.

Monetary and environment benefits:
Address one of the core elements of your operating cost base by avoiding empty container moves — also contributing to a reduced CO2 footprint of your company.

Enjoy pro-active recommendations generated automatically based on your needs and comprehensive optimization algorithms.