The Art of Movement

Moving your world by air doesn’t happen by chance. The logistics of carrying time-sensitive products, vital goods or parts, hazardous or outsized cargo by air charter requires extensive experience and global contacts.

That’s why for more than 3 decades, freight forwarders, global businesses, governments and even the military have trusted in Hunt & Palmer to solve their logistical challenges.

We only work through Freight Forwarders – unlike our competitors, we don’t approach shippers directly – therefore we are looking to work in partnership with yourselves in providing the best logistical solutions.

With our intelligent approach to air cargo charter and logistics, we not only aim to provide an end-to-end solution but a competitive one too, ensuring sustainable partnerships.

At Hunt & Palmer Cargo Charters, it is our aim to provide an alternative to the usual suppliers in the charter market. We offer experience from within the industry, value long term relationships and although we might be smaller than some of our multi-national competitors but we see this as a strength in providing a more bespoke service and have key relationships with carriers/suppliers all around the world.

Consistent service levels are often forgotten, people receive poor information and advice at quotation stage. There are so many different variables with each and every flight and attention to detail is the key to a successful operation. We firmly believe in reputation, trust and a quality of consistent service.

We are not commission driven and are focused on delivering a personal and highly professional service that each and every charter requires, from start to finish every time.

Talk to our air cargo charter department about your requirements, today.