More value for your Annual Network Conference

With our Annual Network Conference, Atlas is offering its members a unique formula which is outscoring any of our colleague networkers … why … simply because we offer you more value for your investment.

  • Always a full three days Conference meeting “plus” a welcome evening while other networks stick to a 2-days event with a cocktail and call it a 3 days meeting … no free time evenings with us … !!!
  • More than 750 slots and one2one meeting opportunities for our members. We select meeting rooms by preference with daylight and smoking facilities close by the Network Conference space since we assist the Atlas family to stick together during our event.
  • We organize pre- and post-meeting tours for those arriving early, or those staying longer. These tours are the only options which are not inclusive or your meeting attendance, simple because not everyone is coming early or staying late …
  • Since we believe that bonding needs more than just a 30 minute one-2-one meeting schedule we promote heavily  the social contacts of our members. Therefore we offer three full days of group events, cocktails, drinks, coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, group tours and  conference materials … all included in your attendance fee.
  • We make a special lounging space available on departure day for those members leaving early or having checked out in order to stay with their friends and put their minds in Atlas family-modus.
  • We have developed our round robin concept for newcomers to our logistics family to speed up the integration process when you come to our Network Conference for the first time … unique of its kind … !!

Enjoy and save money with our “all in” formula applied for Annual Network Conference. Instead of making expenses and spending money for drinks and food on your ‘so called’ free evenings in a restaurant or bar which is unknown to you … simply because your present network is not including any group event options … Atlas is simply different and unique … !!! … our package is a real deal, all in … !!!