Social eventing

Atlas Annual Conference – socialize with your biz. contacts

We consider our Atlas Annual Conference more than just an annual gathering where members conduct one to one meetings locked up for a couple of days in a the same 5 star hotel. For us,
the Atlas Annual Conference needs to bring much more value to your company.

  • Welcome cocktail, yes of course, but we do better, we also offer “all” our attendees a farewell drink at the end of three hard working days and do not close the meeting while sending our members away to the bar to have a beer at their own expense.
  • Gala dinner, sounds nice, but we organize it outdoors, away from our meeting site enabling our members to enjoy also the city atmosphere without being jailed in the hotel all the time.
  • Social events … !!! … a half day tour, included in your participation fee, to an outside local historical or cultural attraction where you can do business in a family atmosphere without being pressed by the one2one clock pushing your meeting away from your table.
  • Social dinner  … a second dinner opportunity offering you additional opportunities to meet and discuss with your exclusive member colleagues from around the globe. Do business  in a relaxed atmosphere …  a success formula … unique in logistic networking and again  all included in your participation fees, no payments for extra drinks or finger food.

… more than 15 HRS of social events -ALL INCLUSIVE- your attendance fee  … !!! …

Of course by organizing their meetings this way, Atlas is taking a huge organization and investment on their shoulders to make this happen for their members. The extra dinners, the extra touring, the all-in formula’s do not come for free … and moreover at the same pricing as the other networks … !!! … or many times even much cheaper … !!! … nevertheless
Atlas goes for quality and not quantity and will continue doing so in future.

Welcome to our unique logistic network … Welcome to our Atlas Annual Conference …

Welcome to our family …