Following the recent trending in annual Logistic Network Conferences, the Atlas Logistic Network decided to be a pioneer again in the industry of forwarding networks and develop a dedicated Atlas Conference APP to assist Atlas members making the maximum out of their annual Conference.

Apple, Android and Microsoft compatible

The tailormade in house developed APP software has been specially created to assist the Atlas Logistic Network Conference and the attendees during the annual event optimizing the one-2-one schedule of each individual participant.

As such the highway to improve your individual attendance schedule and to meet with new relationship and existing business partners has never been more easy thanks to the Atlas APP.

Atlas tailor-made APP Conference application

The Atlas App supports our attendees to schedule their meetings in a superior and highly accessible way, anticipating new meetings during the Conference, fill in open slots and possible “now shows” and arrange last minute meetings with late subscribers.

The Atlas APP offers full online and on the spot flexibility to enter the complete itinerary. You can set meetings at any time and any place convenient for you and your partners during, but also outside the meeting time slots, without having to contact, phone or email your colleague attendant.

Custom-made Atlas Conference APP

The Atlas APP is designed to abstain from double and conflicting schedulers. The software is automatically sending notifications, to both meeting parties when a meeting has been fixed, changed or cancelled. The schedule will indicate you your meeting partner, your meeting date and time, and your meeting table guiding you easily to each specific meeting.

Main supplementary values of the Atlas APP

  • Access your itinerary schedule anywhere
  • Time saving and efficient
  • Pre-schedule meetings with all attendants
  • Complete a full conference schedule without open slots
  • Individualized Atlas APP

Over more the Atlas APP includes the full package of time and places for all the social events arranged by the Atlas team for the attendees  :

  • welcome cocktail
  • farewell drink
  • half day tour with evening dinner at location
  • evening dinner
  • pré and post tours
  • golf tournament