Financial Support

What is your financial coverage?

With a credit risk insurance of US$ 100.000 per member per membership year, we offer the highest cover of the industry in relation to the number of members in our network.
Nobody can offer the same facility… we are simply unique in every respect.

Invoices in dispute – We pay you out!

While other networks hide for their responsibilities by claiming invoices in dispute are not
covered by their financial protection, the Atlas Logistic Network has a totally different state
of mind.

We have installed a conflict resolution procedure and commit to neutrally evaluate
disputes between members whenever they occur. This way, we are able to find an amicable way
solution through which the debtee member is payed out the amount it is entitled to. We take up our responsibility toward our members.

Why we are neutral and others are not

Very simple, because we outsource our financial security cover outside the network to external and neutral 3th parties handling these issues independently without passing any bonding or trust funds.

What our our differences, added values and why are we unique … judge yourselves

* insurance cover through a neutral insurance broker
* insurance company is registered with Lloyds in London
* insurance company is classified A- by Standard & Poor’s
* fully and clear rules and regulations

There is no other network which can compete with us in this respect.

We DO NOT apply

* trust funds
* trust bonding
as we do not believe in a financial security planning which is controlled by the network owners without any of the members knowing following data :
* the amount on the accounts
* which amounts have paid out
* which amounts have been refused
* without members knowing accounts, fact, figures and details

In reality some of these network owners give a strong impression they are using these funds to spice up their own and personal income and they do not openly communicate about the status of these accounts, nor is there any control possible in reality by the members. Some networks even claim they do not require any financial security simply because their members are fully reliable. This fairy tale regretfully is not applicable to our industry.

What about your unpaid invoices

Is getting paid by your overseas partners one of your main concerns in our industry today?

Have you the same negative experience as thousands of your colleagues left behind with unpaid invoices while your overseas partners just disappear. Or do they simply neglect your further email and phone communications since they are located at the other side of the ocean and they feels safe you will not make any legal procedures against them?

These unfortunate circumstances have crossed all of our desk one time in the past and it can happen at any of us today or tomorrow.

A different solution than any other networks

That is why the Atlas Logistic Network has worked out a unique financial cover which is without comparison in the networking industry.

We are the only network in the world who can cover its financial member to member liabilities through a neutral organized external insurance broker and insurance company.