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Payment Monitoring by our worldwide freight network

A payment protection program to safeguard your cash position

As a worldwide freight network, Atlas has many members, for whom we all want to create a financially safe business environment. To avoid any disputes between our Atlas family members, we offer a Payment Protection Program (3P). The program is designed to assist you in solving any discussions with network members in an amicable way. And we are successful.

Through our monitoring system, we invite our members to report their outstanding payments with their partners bi-monthly. From there, they have the choice to make their partners’ payment attitude known to the other members or not.

This system is not software controlled or reported, because we feel that personal and individual contact in case of delayed payments is simply too important. These things should not be handled by a computer without emotions or situational consideration.

Settling discussions within the network quickly

That being said, we hardly ever see companies within our worldwide freight network not honouring their financial commitments. Yet we do remain cautious by constantly monitoring the volatile state of our industry. This way we ensure high quality membership.

And our system is waterproof. Since the foundation of our worldwide freight network in 1998, the total amount of financial commitments within the group that were not honoured, adds up to less than US$ 15.000.

In case of an emerging problem, Atlas will not hesitate to gain legal advice and take legal action in order to protect our highly-valued reputation.

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