Arbitration Committee when in conflict


Atlas members have the right to request for the installation of an Arbitration committee when no mutual agreement can be found between claimant and debtor in respect of invoices under dispute.

Installment of the Arbitration committee

The Arbitration committee will be installed by three members of good standing from the Atlas membership.
They will origin from three different regions and/or continents and from different companies.
The 3 arbiters will handle the case anonymous to the related parties after they accept their nomination.

After the verdict of the Arbitration Committee

After the final verdict of the Arbitration committee, there will be no appeal possible to the final judgement of the Arbitration committee at any time.

Atlas reserves the right to expel any member from the network with immediate effect when they do notexecute the verdict decided by the Arbitration committee within 7 working days after the decision has been forwarded to the concerned parties.

Due to our excellent services like our payment protection program so far no arbitrations were needed.