FLENZIES bring the best of different worlds straight to your point of strategic and operational business development:

• Proven and Global Network of Professionals along the Supply Chain.
• Immediate Action, Immediate Reaction – as a result: Real Time Business Development.
• Bloodhound Nose in the Track of Personal Trust.
• The Authority of Business Development.

Verified FLENZIES professionals

The verification is supported by providing LinkedIn profile which offers content of relevance to our industry. Over time, repeat positive feedback from our online community also helps build a positive verification. A scanned photo ID also helps build credibility as a verified professional. Naturally online- and offline names must match.

Our four Atlas promises

Your Business Will Develop.
When you share a simple and clear question, professionals from 89 nations open their knowhow to you with the potential of accelerating new business as well as troubleshooting for your company.

• Always a Prompt Reply.
The Yes or No answer is as easy as it gets. It also ensures prompt reactions to your question: Real-Time Business Development on a global scale.

• Always a Solid Reply.
The foundation of this community was built on a world-class and personal network of the Founders: People who built and run successful companies along the Supply Chain. You are right to expect a quality reply to your question.

• Zero Advertisement.
Advertisement is not accepted within our community.

Important to know: A positive verification as an industry professional does not replace the necessity for the involved parties to undertake own and independent credit checks and further due diligence measurements before effectively entering into a business relationship