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Network of NVOCC & freight forwarding services: benefits

The advantage of being part of a network

Atlas International Network Ltd. is a global network of local companies that provide freight forwarding, OTI/NVOCC & related services. Being a part of a network like this has many advantages. As a network, we can compete with multinational transportation companies and offer our services to customers like adidas, Bayer, Siemens and Philip Morris.

Other advantages include lower costs in many aspects, exclusivity through regional activity protection, the benefits of operating together under one trade name, 220 offices in 100 countries and our own FMC-approved B/L.

The benefits we offer OTI / NVOCCs and freight forwarding companies

Atlas offers its members a great number of interesting benefits, as listed on this page. Would you, as an OTI, NVOCC or freight forwarding company, like to profit from these services and benefits? Find out more about membership application.